By participating in THE EXCEPTION PHOTOGRAPHERS awards selection process, THE XP MEMBERS agree to THE XP RULES and the decisions of the Admin, Julien Laurent-Georges.


1/ Only members of THE EXCEPTION PHOTOGRAPHERS (THE XP MEMBERS) can play (except the Jury).

(1 photographer = 1 registration).

If you are not a member yet join us HERE

It's best to start to playing from the Game #1 (read XP Rules 25 to understand why)

2/ Only Real Weddings, engagement shoot images, day-after wedding images can be submitted.

3/  ALL PHOTOS for this first GRAND SLAM. Photos can be from any year (since 2010).

4/ You are the photographer of each image and you must hold full copyright to submitted images.

5/ The photographer’s name must be included in the filename. Send your images by Wetransfer, from Friday March 20, to: with this message: "I agree with THE XP RULES".

All photos sent can be useb on THE XP website, on THE XP Instagram and on THE XP Facebook with the name of the photographer.

6/ If you want to check if your images have been submitted : 2 possibilities (confirmation by Wetransfer and/or confirmation by my e-mail).

7/ THE XP MEMBERS can send 10 free entries (5 color images & 5 B&W images) or 40 (20 color images & 20 B&W images): 39€ (via THE XP PLAYGROUND Page)

8/ All additional entries will be paid to the jury's remuneration (to have collections of exception, we need jury of exception...).

9/ There are only 2 sizes allowed. Entries that are not the correct size may be disqualified by the Admin. Allowed sizes are:

2400 pixels X 1600 pixels

1600 pixels X 2400 pixels


Your entries must be JPG photographs

With the name of the Photographer: julien_laurent_georges-1.jpg, julien_laurent_georges-2.jpg, ...

Maximum Image Size : 4 Megabytes


No logos, no text, no Watermarks, no borders on any images submitted.


10/ No double-exposure photos are allowed (post-production and on camera).

11/ Image manipulation that changes the original direction of the image is not allowed. It is only allowed, small interventions in the image. The curators will be vigilant. Keep the RAW or unprocessed JPG file.

12/ The curators are responsible for highlighting an approximate amount of color images and B&W images.

13/ Entries must be named with the name of the Photographer: julien_laurent_georges-1.jpg, julien_laurent_georges-2.jpg, etc… All images will be made anonymous by the admin and judged anonymously by the curators.

14/ Only one shipment is possible. Once sent, the images received can't be modified. So … Send when everything is 100% OK.

15/ Deadline #1 : For the 10 free entries, 11:59 pm (GMT+1) on Wednesday April 1st

Deadline #2 : For 40 entries, 11:59 pm (GMT+1) on Tuesday April 14th

16/ As the photographer of the sent images, you agree and allow all sent images to be posted on THE XP website, facebook and Instagram of THE XP, other media, and also in releases made by THE XP, at any time. You will of course be credited if any images are used.

17/ You assume full responsibility for images submitted regarding content, releasing THE XP from any third party claim.

18/ The objectives of THE XP is to promote and value wedding photography and its XP MEMBERS. To value the curators and the work of the XP JURY. To value the Color images as much as the Black and White images. Highlight both "Artistic Portrait" images and "Documentary" images. Highlight the best photographers in the world by the perpetual XP RANKING, the name of MASTER, the name of MASTER OF THE MASTER and the most prestigious name of WORLD NUMBER ONE

19/ The selection process : The XP JURY will have 4 curators. Any curators will see all images. Two steps : 1/ Selection of Finalists 2/ Notation of Finalist images. All 4 curators will score each Finalist image from 0-5 points. There will be between 100 and 200 Awards.

20/ There are NO “Honorable Mentions”

21/ Any Awards will be transformed out of 100 points in the end to the XP RANKING. Any XP AWARDS will have points to make THE XP RANKING after each GRAND SLAM (details in the XP RANKING page)

22/ The photographer receiving the most points will be the WORLD NUMBER ONE immediately after the game #1 until the results of the next competition. He will also receive the name of MASTER in the XP WEBSITE. The XP RANKING will be published few days after the results: PLAYGROUND #1

23/ After the 4th Grand Slam, we will know who is the WORLD NUMBER ONE OF THE YEAR 2020.

In addition to the WORLD NUMBER ONE OF THE YEAR, the 8 best XP Photographers after the 4th Grand Slam of the year will have a competition to determine the MASTER OF THE MASTERS. This competition, at the end of the year, will named: "THE MASTERS"

24/ The "TOP TEN Award" is the Editor's choice 

25/ The XP RANKING counts the results of the last 4 Grand Slams.

So when there are the results of the 5th Grand Slam : any photographers lose the points collected in the 1st Grand Slam contest. When there are the results of the 6th Grand Slam : any photographers lose the points collected in the 2nd Grand Slam, etc ...

January 1, 2021, all XP Members will always have their points accumulated in 2020 until the results of the 1st Grand Slam 2021.





Good luck XP MEMBERS.