By participating in THE EXCEPTION PHOTOGRAPHERS awards selection process, THE XP MEMBERS agree to THE XP RULES and the decisions of the Admin, Julien Laurent-Georges.


#1. Only members of THE EXCEPTION PHOTOGRAPHERS (THE XP MEMBERS) can play (except the Jury).

(1 photographer = 1 registration).

If you are not a member yet join us HERE

#2. Only Real Weddings, engagement shoot images, day-after wedding images can be submitted.


#4. You are the photographer of each image and you must hold full copyright to submitted images.

#5. The photographer’s name must be included in the filename. Send your images by Wetransfer

from January 11, to: with this message: "I agree with THE XP RULES".

All photos sent can be used on THE XP website, on THE XP Instagram and on THE XP Facebook with the name of the photographer.

#6. If you want to check if your images have been submitted, only one possibility: confirmation by Wetransfer.

#7. THE XP MEMBERS can send 8 free entries and 10, 20, 30 or 40 additional entries. 10 additional entries 19€, 20 additional entries 39€, 30 additional entries 59€, 40 additional entries 79€.

#8. There are only 2 sizes allowed. Entries that are not the correct size may be disqualified by the Admin. Allowed sizes are:

2400 pixels X 1600 pixels (+/- 4 pixels)

1600 pixels X 2400 pixels (+/- 4 pixels)


Your entries must be JPG photos

With your name, for example: julien_laurent_georges-1.jpg, julien_laurent_georges-2.jpg, ... (Not the word "XP" in the name of your entries ! Just your name! and the number in the end - NOT IN THE BEGINNING !)


IN 2021, YOU CAN SEND COLOR/B&W AS YOU WANT. It's the end of 50/50. 

Entries that are not the correct size, name and without metadata may be disqualified by the Admin. 


No logos, no text, no Watermarks, no borders on any images submitted.

If you don't respect this rules, your photos will be disqualified by the Admin without being notified.


#9. No double-exposure photos are allowed (post-production and on camera).

#10. Image manipulation that changes the original direction of the image is not allowed. It is only allowed, small interventions in the image. The JURY will be vigilant. Keep the RAW or unprocessed JPG file.

#11. The JURY is responsible for highlighting an approximate amount of color images and B&W images.

#12. All images will be made anonymous by the admin and judged anonymously (except for THE MASTERS).

#13. Only one sending is possible. Once sent, the images received can't be modified.

So … Send when everything is 100% OK.

#14. Deadline : midnight (Paris Time) January 31

Extra-Time: February 2nd +20

#15. NEW REWARD for the Winner of a GAME:  THE MVP win 316€ XP credits + a place reserved for THE MASTERS

One year free XP membership for The Best 8

1000€ cash prize for the WORLD NUMBER ONE 2021 (instead 500€) + 316€ XP credits + the XP Trophy

500€ cash prize for the MASTER OF THE MASTERS 2021 (the same as in 2020) + 316€ XP credits + the XP Trophy

#16. As the photographer of the sent images, you agree and allow all sent images to be posted on THE XP website, Facebook and Instagram of THE XP, other media, and also in releases made by THE XP, at any time. You will of course be credited if any images are used.

#17. You assume full responsibility for images submitted regarding content, releasing THE XP from any third party claim.

#18. The objectives of THE XP is to promote and value wedding photography and its XP MEMBERS. To value the work of the XP JURY. To value the Color images as much as the Black and White images. Highlight both "Artistic Posed" images and "Documentary" images. Highlight the best photographers in the world with the permanent XP RANKING, with the name of MVP (Winner of a GAME) and the used name of MASTER, with the name of THE MASTER OF THE MASTERS and the most prestigious name of WORLD NUMBER ONE OF THE YEAR

#19. The selection process : The XP JURY will have 4 judges *. All judges will see all photos (anonymous photos).


Two steps :

1/ Selection of Finalists (Need to be selected by 2, 3 or 4 judges to be finalist) 

2/ Notation of Finalist photos. All 4 judges will score each Finalist photo from 0-5 points.

The total is converted to 100. To become an Award, a photo will receive a minimum of 60 points / 100 **

* The judge's work is not received at time: the Admin can replace him

** With a minimum of 100 Awards delivered / GAME

#20. There are NO “Honorable Mentions” but the gallery of finalists will be published after the results with the anonymous photos (just for information) (the same view as jury).

#21. All Awards will be transformed in 100 points and the points distribution, for the XP RANKING, will be:

Ranking #1: 2000 points and the name of THE MVP + rewards

Ranking #2: 1200 points

Top 5: 720 points

Top 10: 360 points

Top 20: 180 points

Top 30: 90 points

Top 50: 45 points

Top 100: 10 points

+ the points of each Award /100 points


Judge: 1000 points (or the same points of the last year in the same GAME)

Top Ten Awards: #1 - 100 points #2 - 90 points (...) #10 - 10 points​


(3000 points possible)


Finalist: +800 points

Each Victory: +400 points

Score draw: +200 points

#22. The photographer receiving the most total points will be the WORLD NUMBER ONE immediately after each GAME until the results of the next competition.

The XP RANKING will be published few days after the results (max.)


The winner of a GAME is named THE MVP.

The winner of THE MASTERS or the World Number One of the year (WNO) is named: MASTER

#23. The best 8 XP Photographers of the year will have a contest to determine the MASTER OF THE MASTERS. This competition, at the end of the year, is named: "THE MASTERS"

After THE MASTERS, we will know who is the WORLD NUMBER ONE OF THE YEAR.

#24. The "TOP TEN Awards" is a Editor's choice (in ALL ENTRIES) with XP Ranking points: #1: 100 points, #2: 90 points, (...), #10: 10 points. The Top Ten Winners can send these Top Ten photos to future GAMES to win THE XP Award.

#25. Reminder: the XP RANKING is a Sliding ranking


The XP RANKING counts the results of the last 4 GAMES

So when there are the results of the GAME#5 : any photographers lose the points collected in the GAME#1. When there are the results of the GAME#6: any photographers lose the points collected in the GAME#2, etc ...

So in January 1, 2021, all XP Members will always have their points accumulated in 2020 until the results of the GAME#5.

#26. The World Cup Challenge is the XP RANKING / Country *, this ranking is not a sliding ranking. The World Cup Challenge restart in January.

*Total Awards of all photographers / country

#27. Your photo has already received an Award from another association: you can send this photo in your XP entries. Your photo has already received an XP Award: impossible to send again in your entries this photo. 

If you send an XP Award in your entries: you lose 100 points in the XP RANKING (Soon: each photographer's profil will have his awards-winning to help you)

#28. The participation in a GAME implies acceptance of these rules


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